Baking tasty pizzas since 1999

Since our company's foundation in 1999 our main goal has been one. Every product we produce must have taste, carefully selected ingredients, meet all quality standards and be the number one choice of consumers. Our goal is not for Hellenic Nostimia products to be placed in every in every supermarket but to be found in carefully selected places, that respect customers, and seek tasteful top-quality products.

So our decision to only have hand-rolled dough was a one-way street. There was no other way for our pizzas, calzones and peignirli to have such fluffy dough that bakes and rises perfectly. Our filling would not be so rich and tasty if we did not choose the raw materials ourselves, ensuring consistent deliveries based on quality standards. We control every stage of production so that we can be sure that the end result will be pure, flavorful and safe, just like you would make it at home. This obsession of ours is what led us to successful collaborations in Greece and exports to Europe, Israel and even Japan.

We are and remain a family business. We learn from the lessons of the past and look to the future together as a family. For us, our people are more than partners. They are acquaintances, friends, companions and play a special role in our development.

kneeding dough with plastic gloves

Kneaded by hand

No matter how many years pass, no matter how much our business grows, one thing is certain. We will roll out our pizza dough by hand and always add the same rich and flavorful tomato sauce that is our family recipe

man pushes pizzas to freezer

The myth offrozen food

At some point, all of us have heard, read and embraced the opinion that frozen food is not healthy. We are here to prove otherwise. The process we follow to freeze our products preserves their high nutritional value

Worker ladies making pizza pouring tomato sauce and adding cheese

Safety and hygiene

We make sure to follow all hygiene and food safety regulations. Not only with the necessary HACCP, but having the necessary certifications and procedures to cover special dietary habits.


Worker lady making pizza pouring tomato sauce

Our Pizza Factory was first founded at the end of 1999 when we created our first pizza. Our family business Elliniki Nostimia (Greek Relish) solely roduces and specializes in frozen pizza at a variety of flavors. Attention to quality, careful selection of top quality ingredients, our traditional hand kneaded dough, our special tomato sauce recipe and the rapid deep freezing technology have as a result the production of a high nutritional quality pizza. The ever changing way of living, new business opportunities and activities gave us the strength and the means to built our new and technologically improved facilities according to the highest and most sophisticated standards in the food industry. Our new facilities in the Industrial Park of Koyfalia Thessaloniki applies the management system of food security (HACCP) according to the model ISO 22000:2005 and EN ISO 22000:2005 In our family business, we embrace the past to face the challenges of tomorrow.​